Using your analytics

Getting Started

When you log-in to your Tappioca account you will see analytics at every step of your journey. Let's walk you through how to use the Tappioca analytics on the Free packages or the extended analytics that come with paid packages.

View Analytics with a free plan

With our free package you get some simple analytics that are still meaningful if you know how to use them.

You'll find the stats at the top of each project. The number you see there is the total number of Impressions (views) your Tappioca pages have had in their lifetime, along with the number of Uniques (clicks).

What counts as an Impression and a Unique?

An impression is every time your Tappioca page is viewed. If that visitor visits your Tappioca another 10 times, that is another 10 views which now equals 11 impressions. But you will only have 1 Unique - because it was the same visitor.

Where can I see my Unique Clicks?

Tracking click analytics is available only on our paid plans. Keep reading!

View Analytics with a paid plan

You'll be able to see a range of analytics when you upgrade.

Click Chart - Statistics

With a paid package, you get an extra layer of insight into how your Tappioca pages are performing. You'll find your Statistics chart button both at the top right when editing your page and when viewing your pages in your projects folder. You'll be able to use a date filter with the following stats;

  • Page Impressions (total)
  • Unique views
  • Last user activity
  • Referring websites and links
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Browser Languages
  • Operating Systems

Using Google Analytics

If our advanced Statistics aren't enough, you can add in a unique Google analytics tracking code to get the most robust tracking stats there is. Simply create a new profile in Google analytics, visit your Admin > Property Settings and copy and paste in your Tracking ID.